Tear down your data silos.
Break out of your bubble and dive into collaborative, data-driven decision making with Knarr.
The private beta starts on November 11th, 2019.
Collaborate to find more insights, faster
Always stay on the same page as your team discovers new perspectives on your data
Build together
Jump into datastorming sessions to create analyses on the fly in shared workspaces
Learn together
Branch off of your peers’ work to challenge assumptions and explore new threads of insight
Share together
Compose your team’s research into stories that deliver actionable findings
Data exploration, unlocked
Explore your data with confidence. Use your creativity to rapidly mine a dataset with a tool that’s here to help, but knows how to get out of your way
Navigate your data
Rapidly filter across multiple data sources. Use associative lenses to dive below the surface.
Visualize your ideas
Create, modify, and arrange charts on a freeform canvas to get your ideas on paper
Track your progress
Move freely between any point in time of your analysis. Knarr keeps a navigable history of your work.

Coming 11/11
Explore your data with us in our private beta.