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We are excited to announce that Qlik has acquired the assets and IP of Knarr Analytics to complement Qlik's existing cloud data and analytics platform with the value of real-time collaboration, sophisticated data exploration and insight capture capabilities. Learn More...

Explore Data Together

Find, record, and share insights faster than ever before, without coding. Knarr helps teams make effective decisions by syncing people, data, and the analytics process.

Shift from Stale Dashboards to Dynamic Data Discovery

Knarr was built with the entire analytics process in mind to enhance your team's collaboration and innovation.


what you want to know


datasets in a single place


your analyses with notes & snapshots


to crowdsource insights


your findings to the world

Why Knarr

A No-Code Way to Explore Your Data

Learn what makes Knarr uniquely suited to help you bring together the data and people you need to get to insights faster.

Notes & Snapshots

Record your analyses to keep a history of your thoughts and share them with your teammates

Multiplayer Collaboration

Explore data together in real-time with shared workspaces to generate insights together

Advanced Filtering

Quickly filter your data based on associations to other data points or rankings with no coding

Explore Features

Powerful for Analysts,
Actionable for Business Users

Learn how Knarr can drive decision making across your team.

Watch the Full Demo to Learn More

Knarr will help you get to insights faster, no matter what your role is in your organization. Check out this full product demo for everything Knarr has to offer.

Explore Solutions

Make better decisions together with Knarr today.

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