About Us

knarr /nahr/

A Norse ship used by the Vikings that was nimble
yet powerful enough for long voyages with small crews

Knarr was developed by two leaders in the data analytics space after realizing how difficult it was to do exploratory visual analytics without developing a lot of skills in programming languages. While experts in these tools, they were searching for a way to rapidly explore a data set, capture points of interest along the way and share with peers. This desire to collaboratively explore data in a frictionless way inspired the development of Knarr. In the platform, you can invite your peers to explore data with you on the fly, building insights off of each other's work as you go.

Our Mission

To empower teams using data with the tools they need to solve problems faster and better, generate insights, and collaborate with others.

Meet Our Founders

Jerry DiMaso

Co-Founder, CEO

Jerry is a passionate leader and author in the analytics space who has spent the past ten years developing applications, advising on data and analytics strategies, and building analytics products. His work in more than 100 organizations in over a dozen different industries has inspired him to take on the mission of improving the world's analytical capabilities through better tools and processes.

Speros Kokenes

Co-Founder, CTO

Speros is a data visualization developer with a decade of experience in the analytics space. During that time, he has helped numerous clients gain better insights from their data by designing and delivering data exploration and decision making tools customized for their needs. He has received multiple awards for his work and has been recognized for several years in a row as a Qlik Luminary. Speros enjoys writing and teaching about data visualization and open source software.

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