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Knarr Analytics Launches Cloud-Based Data Analysis Tool To Help Companies Visualize, Annotate, and Share Data In Real-Time

Product Includes Unique ‘Snapshot’, ‘Notes’, and ‘Multiplayer’ Features To Expand Collaboration Across Teams

March 18, 2020/Atlanta, GA — Knarr Analytics, a data analytics company, today announces the launch of its eponymous notes-based collaborative analytics tool. The product allows companies to dive deeper into their data by bringing one-of-a-kind collaboration features directly into the software, allowing teams to generate more insights from data than ever before. 

Built by BI professionals and data analysts, Knarr works by enabling users to organize multiple data sets by project,explore and annotate said data, and share insights with other team members instantly. The Knarr platform is based around a multi-user experience, making data analysis a truly collaborative process for the first time. 

Knarr’s launch comes at an ideal time for businesses, as new findings from Forrester show that 73% of all data within a company goes unused for analytics. The ability to share, analyze, and annotate data entirely on Knarr’s platform now allows businesses to utilize their data in ways that were previously overlooked, expanding possibilities for virtually any industry that relies on data. 

Additionally, Knarr’s Snapshot, Notes, and Multiplayer features extend the possibilities of data exploration. Users can capture a point-in-time view of a particular analysis in real-time and then share that view with the rest of the project team instantly. The Notes feature extends this usefulness by allowing analysts to share their thoughts on a project without decoupling their findings from the Snapshot itself. Knarr is the first analytics tool to feature Multiplayer capabilities, allowing users to explore data in real-time with shared workspaces to generate insights together. 

Knarr also allows data filtering thanks to integration with the Qlik® associative engine. Complex filters can be used alongside the Notes and Snapshot features without any coding knowledge required. 

Other products only allow users to present their data, without providing the tools needed to go in-depth and reveal how insights were found. Knarr advances the role of data in business by bringing in the features analysts need to conduct, process, and synthesize findings across teams, no matter how complex the problem they face. 

“When we looked at team-based data analysis products already on the market, we saw too much chaos and not enough usefulness,” said Jerry DiMaso, CEO at Knarr Analytics. “We set out to fix that: Our new Knarr tool makes data analysis collaboration seamless for the first time. We’re particularly excited about the Snapshot and Notes features.When used in tandem, they eliminate the need for constant back-and-forth emailing, putting data analysis right where it needs to be - in real-time, with the full access team members need to truly thrive in creating and sharing new ideas.” 

Knarr is now available to try for free at 

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Knarr is the brainchild of Speros Kokenes and Jerry DiMaso. It was founded in 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Knarr's mission is to empower data analysts with the tools they need to solve problems faster and better, generate insights, and collaborate with others.

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