Advanced Filtering

Quickly filter your data without coding to see associations to other data points instantly

See All Data Associations Instantly

Using Knarr’s Advanced Filtering features in the Explore Mode shows you how each data point across your dataset relates to every other one. Highlight any value and instantly see its representation in all of the variable comparisons.

Benefits of Advanced Filtering

With Advanced Filtering, it’s easy to see how each of the data points you are comparing relate to each other and view the associations between data points instantly. This feature provides an easy way to quickly isolate variables and information that piques your interest.

Click any data point to see what its associations are in each of your dataset’s categories. Advanced Filtering can show you important information without even creating a table-- the filters do the work for you.

  • Isolate information instantaneously
  • Quickly see how data points relate
  • Focus on the variables that are significant

Other Features

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