Multiplayer Collaboration

Explore data together in real-time with shared workspaces to generate insights

The Best Decisions Are Made Together

Knarr’s Multiplayer Collaboration feature enables users to share the same workspace to explore data, show each other their analysis process, and arrive at data-driven decisions through exploring together.

Benefits of Multiplayer Collaboration

With Multiplayer Collaboration, users are able to completely share their process with colleagues. This provides a heightened level of transparency as well as the opportunity for shared learning when it comes to analyzing data to gain insights.

Two heads are better than one, so when users engage in Multiplayer Collaboration, they can dive deeper into their data while actively discussing with each other the directions they take when exploring. For remote teams or even those that just temporarily find themselves in different locations, Multiplayer provides a way for teammates to work together on complex data analysis easily and efficiently in real-time with no need to explain their process after-the-fact.

  • Gain the perspective of your entire team
  • Explore data with teammates in real time
  • Share your process for gaining new insights

Other Features

Notes & Snapshots

Record your analyses to keep a history of your thoughts and share them with your teammates

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Advanced Filtering

Quickly filter your data based on associations to other data points or rankings with no coding

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Capture changes to your analyses in real time to your private or multiplayer workspace.

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