Notes and Snapshots

Document your process, record your thoughts and analyses, and share your findings with others

Show All Your Work

Using Knarr’s Notes you can document what you are analyzing so that you have a record of what it is that you are examining and why. Using the Note Viewer you can share your thoughts and findings with others as created in each Note. Adding Snapshots to your Notes records the exact data visualizations you’ve created in either an interactive way within the tool or for viewing by others in Note Viewer.

Benefits of Notes and Snapshots

Often data analysis and presentation are highly separated, but using Notes and Snapshots you narrow this gap allowing you to create a Note attached to each of your data exploration projects. This note can be shared with others easily with the Note Viewer, either privately through Knarr or publicly available via web browser.

Including Snapshots in your Notes adds data visualizations that accompany your thoughts and can directly share what your analysis process looks like for either your team or anyone you want to see how you came to your conclusions. When restoring from Notes, Snapshots appear in Explore mode restoring an exact data visualization and analysis as it was when the Snapshot was taken.

  • Easily share thoughts and visualizations
  • Keep track of your process with documentation
  • Record your progress with words and analyses

Other Features

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