Capture changes to your analyses in real time to your private or multiplayer workspace

A Living History of Your Data Exploration Journey

Knarr’s Timeline records your entire workspace analysis history and exploration path while you are using the tool so that you can jump back to any point in your work and re-access that step in your process. You don’t need to do anything, just explore the data freely without worrying about losing a valuable insight.

Benefits of Timeline

Knarr’s Snapshots allow you to record your analysis as-is in order to access them later, but with the Timeline you are able to access any point in your exploration process regardless of whether you took a snapshot. This provides you with worry-free exploration, knowing that you don’t have to record everything you create since the Timeline is doing that for you.

Within your workspace whether you are working solo or with a team, you can feel free to add/change/delete data visualizations as you go, secure in the affirmation that you can access these at any time using the Timeline which is acting as a living history, automatically recording your journey.

  • Jump back to any point in your exploration
  • Re-create important analyses
  • Access data visualizations whether or not you took a Snapshot

Other Features

Notes & Snapshots

Record your analyses to keep a history of your thoughts and share them with your teammates.

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Multiplayer Collaboration

Explore data together in real-time with shared workspaces to generate insights together.

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Advanced Filtering

Quickly filter your data based on associations to other data points or rankings with no coding.

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