Knarr brings together any team through collaborative features that help
surface the right data at the right time to the right people.

Powerful for Analysts, Actionable for Business Users

Choose a team type below to learn how Knarr
can drive decision making across your team:

Knarr for Analytics Teams

  • Enhance your data exploration inside Knarr with built-in SQL capabilities
  • Advanced filter grid allows users to combine filters to create complex cohorts of your data
  • Use notes and snapshots to freely between any point in time of your analysis. Knarr keeps a navigable history of your work.

Knarr for Business Teams

  • No matter your development expertise, you can still use Knarr effectively
  • Branch off of your peers’ work to challenge assumptions and explore new threads of insight
  • Compose your team’s research into stories that deliver actionable findings
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