What is Knarr?

Knarr is a cloud-based data analytics tool designed to help you explore your data faster and easier, either on your own or with your teammates.

Knarr was built with the entire analytics process in mind to enhance your team's collaboration and innovation.


what you want to know


datasets in a single place


your analyses with notes & snapshots


to crowdsource insights


your findings to the world

Notes & Snapshots

Notes are a fantastic and unique way to track your train of thought while performing any analysis. Notes are shared across all users of a project, so you can see and edit everyone's notes, allowing you to pick up where they left off or add your own take on their analysis. Combine notes with live snapshots of your canvas to add the context of visualizations to your note.

Multiplayer Collaboration

Two heads are better than one, as they say, which is why Knarr enables you to collaborate in real time with your teammates. With Knarr's real-time collaboration capabilities, you can easily hop into your teammate's workspace and share the same canvas and selections, allowing you to generate insights together.

Advanced Filtering with Lenses

Filtering data is critically important when conducting any analysis, and many tools allow basic filtering. However, complex analyses require complex filtering capabilities. Knarr, powered by Qlik® Core's associative engine, allows for complex filters to be made using a simple user interface without any coding knowledge required.

Combine Data Sets

Connect to your data from the providers you work with every day: Google Sheets, HubSpot, Excel, SharePoint, Dropbox, and many others

Built-in Data Transformation

Transform your data directly inside Knarr with built-in SQL capabilities. Perform basic actions like field aliasing or complex actions like joins

Make better decisions together with Knarr today.

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