Why Knarr?

Dashboarding and self-service tools don't effectively facilitate the process of exploring data. These tools are great for presenting data that's already been cleaned and prepped, or to display metrics for pre-defined questions that have already been answered, but they are challenged when it comes to helping users explore data to solve a problem.

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Shift from Dashboards to Data Exploration

Knarr was built by professional analysts and BI developers who have struggled with fitting their data mining processes into a BI tool, which is why Knarr embraces the modern paradigms of collaboration and iteration that help everyone generate insights from data faster.

Problems don’t limit themselves to one dataset...

... and neither should you. Rarely can all the answers needed to solve a problem be found in a single dataset. Knarr is designed to allow any number of datasets, allowing analysis of multiple data sources and data models.

Complex problems need creative solutions.

Dashboards don’t cut it... data is part of every decision we make and we have to be free to immerse ourselves in the data we need when we need it so that we can make better decisions faster.

Perspective matters.

Knarr redefines Collaborative Analytics from the current method of create/publish/share/annotate to a real-time multiplayer living workspace that allows everyone to contribute to generating insights.

“Send me the latest version, I think it’s called _V31_jtk”

Living Analyses in Knarr eliminates the need for emailing versioned files back and forth, keeping everyone’s latest-and-greatest changes in one place that can easily be referenced at any time by anyone.

Make better decisions together with Knarr today.

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